The Annalium Project

The forest is a timeless archive  of human adventure and misadventure within its borders. We fly over the treetops, descend through the canopy and observe. Once satisfied we rise up again, over the  sprawling forest then dip and rise, dip and rise in this never ending adventure.

Never knowing what era we will discover, what genre of tale we will uncover, the fathomless Annalium continues to tease and surprise. 

This series of dialogue-free, short screenplays are stand-alone pieces, though bound by so many  threads of commonality.

Annalium is a substantial body of work , unique, with truly global potential.    



Dialogue-free - nation-neutral - no sub-titles - no boundaries.


Shorts, ideal for download to mobile devices.


Stand-alone downloads - Seamlessly linked to produce longer  'suites' - Shorts for schedule-fillers - Speedy production to react to  the ever-changing market.  


A small cast play all the characters across the series - No dialogue - The entire series set in one location - A small number of sets re-dressed for different screenplays -  Scenes from multiple            screenplays recorded at the same  shoot - Low budget, high-impact. 


The Annalium boasts 31 screenplays to date,  unfettered by language, era or genre. A body of work ideal for download,  streaming or through traditional media.  Annalium will appeal to all             age  groups, its aim to be gender neutral and with no national  identity.  Annalium is a world project, timeless and without borders. 

Limited only by the writers' imagination.